Betakopa Scholarship Program Unveils 30 Future Tech Stars

The Betakopa Scholarship Program is a commendable initiative that aims to address the growing demand for skilled professionals in Python Engineering, Cloud Engineering, and DevOps.

Betakopa Scholarship Program Unveils 30 Future Tech Stars

The demand for skilled professionals in Python Engineering, Cloud Engineering, and DevOps is increasing rapidly.

Betakopa & The Boltcliq Company have decided to partner and sponsor this scholarship program as a way to address this growing needs. The program will award 30 students the opportunity to pursue their tech aspirations. The scholarships, which are over Three (3) Million Naira in training worth, will cover the tuition fee for the selected students during the training period.

We received an overwhelming for the scholarship application, which is a testament to the incredible talent and potential of our community. After careful consideration, we selected thirty recipients based on merit, and we are confident that they will make the most of this opportunity.

We are thrilled to have established a scholarship program that will positively impact the lives of thirty individuals. While we understand that there were many other deserving candidates, we are committed to expanding the program and securing additional sponsors to accommodate more winners.

Our goal is to support talented individuals who are passionate about their goals and aspirations. 

We believe that this scholarship program is just the beginning, and we are excited to see what the future holds.

We are proud to introduce the exceptional individuals who have been chosen to receive the Betakopa Scholarships. These brilliant minds are shaping the future of tech, and we are honored to support them in their endeavors.

DevOps Engineering Scholars

  1. Edididong Celestine Francis
  2. Quadri Olawale Bello
  3. Edwin Agana
  4. Sahil Rohera
  5. Prudence Efregede
  6. Arimoro Ayodele
  7. Juliet Ebili
  8. Davide Nanjila Abisai
  9. Taiwo Adekoya
  10. Ismaila Muhammed

Python Engineering Scholars

  1. Onyenike Chukwudi FearGod
  2. Igwe Fredrick Nnamdi
  3. Ibeabuchi Charles Mbonu
  4. Maseraka Robert
  5. Iyekolo Oluwabusayomi
  6. Prince Andrew Ardafio
  7. Abdulsamad Oyesanya
  8. Aanuoluwapo Laisu
  9. Barakat Akinsiku
  10. Okusun Samuel

Cloud Engineering Scholars

  1. Mbom Kpesarachi
  2. Esho Adetunji Solomon
  3. Sholaye Eyinmosan
  4. Isaac Musa Ayegba
  5. Temidayo E. Omokore
  6. Olanrewaju Abdulbasit Gbolahan
  7. Muhammad Abdulazeez
  8. Salihu Musa Aihi
  9. Samson Ayodele Idown
  10. Ayodele David

Our Commitment

At Betakopa, we are committed to empowering individuals with the skills and knowledge they will need to thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Our Scholarships are a testament to our commitment, as we strive to cultivate the next generation of tech leaders who will drive innovation and shape the future generation.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the scholarship recipients on their well-deserved success. We are confident that they will make the most of this opportunity to emerge as highly skilled and knowledgeable and we look forward to witnessing their contribution in the tech industry.

To those who didn't get selected

We are incredibly impressed by the talent and potential of all our applicants, and we encourage you to continue pursuing your dreams in the tech industry.
As a token of our appreciation for your interest in the Betakopa Scholarship Program, we would like to offer you a special 20% discount on our next cohort of tech training courses.

Use the promo code sent to your email during checkout to receive a 20% discount on your tuition fees.

Keep learning, keep practicing, and never give up on your dreams.

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What's next?

If you find your name on the list of scholarship recipients, we urge you to click here to reach out to the Betakopa Team for the next steps.

We are proud of you, Join us in celebrating these bright minds as they embark on their journey to become future tech stars!

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