Become a better software engineer in 2024

Ready to take your software engineering skills to the next level in 2024? Our unique program combines personalized mentorship, hands-on exercises, and industry knowledge to help you build a solid foundation and achieve your career goals.

Become a better software engineer in 2024

Have you joined the software engineering hands-on programme already?

Prepare to become a better software engineer in 2024. Yes, we mean this because we know you will be 10x better at what you do as a software engineer in a few months after learning & discussing with experts that interest you.

If you’re reading this, of course, you know the value of what we’re talking about. 8 out of 10 software engineers did not learn most of the foundational concepts that could solidify their practice as experts and professionals. We’ve had folks with more than 3 - 5 years of experience consult with us on this problem.

With that said, we have decided to launch the Software Engineering Hands-On Membership Programme! A private membership that will get you on your way to engineering excellence.

It’s not about what we say here in the caption. Come experience it for yourself.

It's really really easy to join. Simply register on the website, then make a monthly payment of just $5/N5,000/48 Ghana Cedis! and you’ll be invited to join the private community.

Now here’s why you should sign up and what you can expect from the programme:

  1. Personalised Mentorship: Receive personalised mentorship from experts with more than a decade of industry experience. They will assist you in learning, providing career advice, and determining the best way to deal with problems.
  2. Use our hands-on methods: If you’re a beginner, trust me; this will help you understand difficult concepts faster and apply them in real life.
  3. Understand the fundamentals: To establish a solid foundation in software engineering, it’s good to start with the foundational concepts behind what you even do. By learning these concepts, best practices, and industry standards, you’re set to achieve your goals in no time.
  4. Affordance: For only a stipend, you’ll get to attend eight classes packed with useful information monthly, you’ll be part of hands-on activities and discussions, and you'll also gain access to resources/materials. You’ll be given roadmaps to guide you regardless of your career tracks, and you’ll also get to learn from the experience of professionals in the space.
  5. Networking Opportunities: Meet people who share your interests and speak with professionals in your field to get new ideas for projects and advance your career.
  6. Advancing in your career: Our membership programme provides you with the tools and support you need to succeed in your software engineering job, whether you're just starting out or looking to improve your skills.
  7. Exclusive content: Gain access to unique tools, resources, and materials designed to help you learn faster and stay ahead of the curve.

You can invest in your future for only $5, N5,000, or 48 Ghana Cedis. Don't pass up this chance.

We welcome beginners! Sign up now to join a community that wants you to succeed!

Do you have any questions or need more information? Kindly contact our support team. We will be with you every step of the way.

Cheers! 🥂