Application Procedures

Application Procedures


We are happy you took that significant bold step into securing a tech career for your future after-service. It shows us that you have the desire to secure a successful career in the tech industry and see the opportunity of earning a stable income to support yourself financially.

How this Training Can Unlock Your Potential?

In this training, you will be equipped with professional In-demand skills that will make them more employable during and after service.

Not just that…..

In this training, you won't just get a certificate, but you are equipped with a skill that can put food on your table during and after NYSC.

Say Goodbye to the thoughts and stress of trekking with your credentials from one office to another.

What else...

  • Interactive and self-paced classes handled by industry experts from Google, Amazon and other world-class tech brands.
  • Hands-on and real-world projects that can help you gain a thorough practical experience that can be added to your portfolio.
  • A recognized Certification after graduation.
  • Internship opportunities for top students in every track in tech companies after the training!
  • You get free consultation and mentoring sessions from your tutors. Ask one-on-one questions as your tutors will always be ready to guide you on how to tread the paths to becoming an expert in your chosen field.
  • Bonus classes on CV/Resume and Portfolio creation and reviews, Cover letter writing and lots of templates to make job application easier for you.
We will literally take your hands and guide you intentionally through the training into the job application process. We are deliberate about seeing you have a successful tech career, either by securing a well-paying job or starting your own tech business after completing the training program.


What you have to do next is to pay 2ooo naira for the application fee(if you have done this, then ignore it).

After the payment, you will receive your simple assessment test in the next 48 hours. This test will help us gauge your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Math-haters! Are you scared already? Please don't be! It's just a simple assessment test.

Usually, high-quality training like this would cost 100k - 300k and even 500k.

Some even charge up to 1.5 million Naira but Betakopa in affiliation with Top Universe has brought this at a very discounted price exclusively for corpers.

For Early bird payments (one-time payment), hurry up to make your payment and get a 50% off (25k) valid till May 20th.

In simpler terms, you just have to pay 25k. NO EXTRA CHARGES!!!!!!

Still, Interested but worried about the cost?

Do you feel it would be hard to meet up because of your 33k monthly allowee budget! We have you in mind...

You don't have to worry about that. We know you have other needs too!

In consideration of that, Behold the ALLOWEE  bundle! made just for you.

This gives you the chance to pay for the training program in instalments.

Here, you just have wisely plan and pay 25k split across 3 months. Isn't that fabulous?

In the Allowee bundle, the payment will be split into two or three(depending on your budget). You can pay in bits and before the end of the program, you should have completed it.

Now tell me, what can stop you from becoming a Tech Pro!

If you don't stop yourself, not even your village people can stop you.

Don't miss out on this life-changing opportunity! Click the button below to pay the application fee and secure your spot in the training program.


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